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Track your carbon footprint, reduce emissions, and thrive with our carbon accounting platform—empowering you to make a greener impact.

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Your dedicated carbon management control panel


Automated update of emission factors

Effortlessly manage clients and facilities

Generate, create and download your emissions report

Save time and resources

Explore the features

Innovative and diverse range of solutions, uncovering sustainable alternatives and practical measures to actively make a more significant and greener impact.

Streamline Data Collection

Minimise the time allocated to gathering activity data and calculating emissions and focus on operational and implementation processes.

Manage diverse facilities, clients & suppliers

Visualise your facilities, clients & suppliers or select a filtered view to swiftly identify key indicators and areas that require priority attention

Engage with your internal and external stakeholders.

Improve gradually the gathering of primary data while enhancing the precision of your measurement and reporting processes.

Harmonize your reporting practice with global sustainability disclosure requirements

Collect, analyze and report Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG data in alignment with EU corporate climate reporting rules

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Explore the solutions

Embark on a journey of discovery as you explore the wide array of innovative and greener solutions.


Enjoy a seamless user experience


Providing new insights and knowledge.


Receive the support of our experts


Tailored to suit your industry's specific needs


Specific Toolkits for Businesses and Consultants


Engage internal and external stakeholders

Trusted by people and companies

By empowering users globally, our platform is the go-to choice for tracking carbon footprint worldwide

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